Final Fatback Guest DJs

We have a long history of hosting guest DJs at Fatback. But why you ask? Are there not an infinite number of Fatback DJs already? The answer is simple. Guests DJs shake it up and it let us step out of music duties so we can cut a rug on the dance floor and get lost in the music like Sister Sledge.

For the last hurrah we are having three guest DJs take over the Bohemian Caverns level all night long from 12 - 3am. A collection of DJ’s DJs if you will. Expect crazy deep cuts with live percussion and a house party vibe that’s thicker than the batter In the Night Kitchen.


Starting off Rob the Appreciator and DJ Ty Moe. These guys will take you so deep into the thicketed forest of Soul, Disco and Boogie, you’ll be itching, catching the ghost and feeling your utmost. Rob and Ty go way back in the DC music world and are playing a strictly VINYL RECORD set. Not to be missed.

In the coveted late-night slot is DJ Exclaime form the 4 Hours of Funk crew in Baltimore MD. He has all of the elements of DJing on lock from a broad knowledge of obscure musical gems to dope re-edits to perfect blends and beat juggling and most importantly he’s a nice guy. That never happens! Come see why the 4 Hours of Funk Party was voted Best Dance Party by the Baltimore City Paper.

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