Favorite Fatback Mix: XXXIX

About a year ago, the Fatback Spirits came down from Mount Bacon to grace us with a delicious mix in honor of our 4th Anniversary. While I enjoy each monthly mix for the unique combination of tunes and approaches that each one brings to the table, there was something about this one that caught me in a different way. Something that I couldn’t shake and forced me to keep it on repeat everywhere I went…

What makes it special is that it firmly occupies a space in that exacting middle ground between chill music that often lurks forgettably in the background and the wide open party jam that dominates the space you’re in. It’s a mid-tempo groove train that works anywhere and everywhere, making stops at destinations across the globe and the decades for stations familiar and new, sneaking into your consciousness to get your head and hips moving even before you realize what’s happened. Nowadays, when I need to get my head in the right place to play music for jam-hungry folks or need something cool to go with the city lights as they blur past- this is my go to mix. I know you’ll find a special place for it too.

Let’s revisit Fatback Mix XXXIX… (Click To Download)

1. Midas Touch, Midnight Star
2. Put Your Body In It, Stephanie Mills
3. Falling in Love, Surface
4. Bring Your Sweet Loving Back, Starpoint
5. I Want You (All Tonight), Curtis Hairston
6. Got To Give It Up, Marvin Gaye
7. You Are Number One, Devarne
8. Gimme Some, Jimmy Bo Horne
9. I’m In Love, Evelyn “Champagne” King
10. Never Found No One Like U (DJ WIll-Rock edit), Axwell vs Kenix
11. Agboju Logun, Shina Williams & His African Percussionists
12. Italo Nitro, Afrodisiac Soundsystem
13. The Break, Kat Mandu
14. Go Bang!, Dinosaur L
15. Something Wrong In Paradise (Larry Levan mix), Kid Creole
16. Rambha Ho Ho Ho, Sharon Prabhakar
17. Samba, Son Palenque de Colombia
18. Carnival Long Ago, The Roaring Lion
19. Fall in Love, Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
20. Let’s Stay Together, Al Green

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