Fatback Projections

The beauty of throwing a pig and BBQ themed dance party is that there is no shortage of applicable imagery. Ah but what to do with it all?

When we moved the party to Liv, we were overwhelmed by the size of the space. Our previous venues had been shoeboxes in comparison. It wasn’t long before we started thinking about projections, and luckily we had a two year backlog of random videos begging to be used.

Needless to say, many hours were wasted on youtube determining which pig, or bacon commercial, or 60s anti-drug video was most danceable, but it in the end - when mixed with the right amount of alcohol and funk - they probably all were.

We ended up with this thirty minute reel that plays on loop behind the DJs every month. Here it is online for the first time in it’s entirety, paired with some tasty tunes from our favorite mixes.

Whether it’s a pre-game party for the final fatback this Saturday, or later down the road when you want to relieve the memories, we hope you never sit still when you watch this video.

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