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New DJ mixes for your summer

It’s time for some new jamz, don’t you agree?
Starting with some old school dance jams is Mix 53

Continuing along with the Disco Express

Ending up in the Wizard Funk.

New Funkadelic Record “first ya gotta shake the gate”

Hold up stop the press this is news you need. Funkadelic releases their first record in 33 years and it has 33 tracks to boot! Some ill funk on this one, be sure to buy it from the source

KC & Pete @ Vinyl District 10/16 & KC @ Zeba 10/17

This Thursday 10/16 KC & Pete are the guest DJs at The Vinyl District’s all vinyl party - naturally!. If you prefer your funk analogue swing through and ride the grooves with two Fatback alumni teaming up as “Our Thing”.
Den Of Thieves (Next to Marvin)
Thursday 10/16, 9:00pm
Friday 10/17 KC joins local […]

Two events for your weekend

Tonight KC from el Fatback is DJing a free party at WeWork for General Assembly. Free + KC + Free… are you missing something?
Saturday, Pete, Steven and KC setup the turntables on the rooftop of Dunya @ 801 Florida Ave for a full day of beats on the roof 3pm-10pm. Come and peep the summer […]

Music For Switching Yards!

Taking the express to success on the information superhighway it’s KC back with a mini mix for April 1.

Track List:
1) Change (Whiskey Barons Edit) - Donald Byrd
2) Every Kinda People (Mikeandtess boot ├ędit) - Robert Palmer
3) I Need It Constantly (The Dirty Green edit issue) - LTJ
4) Bibi Na Mpu - Mim Suleiman
5) Night […]

Night People DJ mix

Adding more bounce to the ounce KC is back with with a heaping dose of disco & house muzeeek. Enjoy.

Download / Stream the mix here.

It’s a mix ENJOY!

It’s time for a random mix from Fatbacker KC. Disco + House + Funky Funk, play it loud and get down!


Thanks DC that was a proper party!

From Fatback DC Armory

From Fatback DC Armory

From Fatback DC Armory

Nov. 16th! Fatback DJ’s @ DC Armory for Living Social’s 5K Dance Party

Calling all funky people! Rejoice as the Fatback DJ’s rock the Living Social 5K Dance Party on Saturday November 16th at the DC Armory!
Here’s the deal. At 7 pm, thousands of you -from DC and beyond- will run, walk, stroll, strut or (in our case) boogie for 5 kilometers of jams at RFK Stadium while […]

Final Fatback Guest DJs

We have a long history of hosting guest DJs at Fatback. But why you ask? Are there not an infinite number of Fatback DJs already? The answer is simple. Guests DJs shake it up and it let us step out of music duties so we can cut a rug on the dance floor and get […]

Two weeks till the Fatback 5 year blowout

With a mere two weeks to go until the final Fatback bash we have been spending every spare moment in training. Bacon in the morning. Bacon at night. Bacon toothpaste. Bacon underwear. Bacon weights in our shoes… you get the idea, BACON EVERYTHING. Last weekend the crew ventured out to a training camp deep […]

A Stone Cold Fatback Jam

Just for you DC.

Happy New Year! It’s 2013!

Welcome to the new year it’s time to replace that bogus Mayan calendar on your wall and get your funk motor warmed up for a new year of dancing. Let’s start it off the Fatback way with a stone cold jam from a band hailing from just across the river in Virginia and a dope […]

The Funk Hunt

A film for all the vinyl diggers out there.

It’s Fatback Mix 48 fool!

Two more hours of the funky jams you know you love and didn’t know you loved, sliced and diced by KC in the Fatback Basement. TURN UP THE STEREO AND GET A LITTLE FREAKAAAY

From Fatback 12/08