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Fatback’s Roots: Selam on U Street

Before there was Fatback, there was Selam. This little family-run restaurant that mainly catered to DC’s Eritrean diaspora on U Street symbolized half of the humble beginnings of the Fatback crew. For me, this is where I solidified bonds and friendships with Danny, KC, and Pete through our loose partnerships on the decks. It’s where […]

Fatback This Saturday!

Uhhhhh ohhhh. Its August. Know what that means, right? Last chance to get as sweaty as you wanna be. Last chance for a summer fling. Last chance for one of those summer nights. Don’t blow it.
And as per usual:
No dress code, No cover, Just a chance to do it right
Get there at 10 to miss […]

Fatback Mix #45

You know, sometimes we get all wrapped up in the beat. That consistent thud keeps chugging along. But in August, when life, sort of, slows down, it’s better to eschew the thud for just a bit and enjoy some real magical tracks. This month’s mix harkens back to some of our soul favorites over here […]

Top 40 Countdown: #1 - Outstanding - The Gap Band

Let’s not ruin a good thing. Patrick said it best about our #1 track on last year’s Fatback Jams Countdown:
You light my fire, I feel alive with you, baby, You blow my mind, I’m satisfied
Four years ago Fatback was launched in a little Eritrean restaurant on U St. With a capacity crowd totaling 30 […]

Top 40 Countdown: #4 – Stephanie Mills – Put Your Body In It

Remember Patrick’s post on The Wiz? Well, we all know that Diana Ross played the lead in the movie adaptation in 1978. But in 1975, Stephanie Mills led the cast in the Broadway musical. Mills experienced a big bump in notoriety, not to mention the singer began dating Michael Jackson at the time (don’t ever […]

Top 40 Countdown: #9 Fela Kuti – Zombie

Written at the height of Fela Kuti’s clash with the authoritarian government of Nigerian in 1977, “Zombie” is just as much a dance floor scorcher as it is a critique of political oppression. “Zombie” is the term Kuti uses to describe the mindless Nigerian soldiers taking orders from an authoritarian government and military. The song […]

Top 40 Countdown #15 – No Stranger to Love – Glenda McCleod

After digging deep last year, I think a few of the Fatback DJs found themselves in a boogie rabbit hole. So what’s boogie? By the late 70s “disco” was a bad word. A bunch of long hairs were bulldozing the idea of disco – both literally and figuratively. So, disco went back underground.
One of the […]

Top 40 Countdown #16 – Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide – Don Blackman

When your resume includes the following bands, there’s no way your only solo record is going to be a dud: Parliament, Earth Wind & Fire, Roy Ayers, Kurtis Blow, Janet Jackson, and Twennynine. Shit, Blackman even wrote songs for MTV’s Joe’s Apartment. Woah.
In 1982, Blackman released his only solo effort. Self-titled Don Blackman, the album […]

Top 40 Countdown #29 - I’ll Do Anything for You - Lee McDonald

Sweet Magic. Oh Lord, Sweet Magic.
That’s the name of Lee McDonald’s 1982 modern soul classic. For years Sweet Magic was relegated to in-the-know nerds who kept the album’s secret safe. Over time, though, nothing could really hide its classic groove and simple honesty.
Two covers make up the strongest cuts on Sweet Magic, including a funked-up […]

Top 40 Countdown #30 - I’m In Love - Evelyn “Champagne” King

“Now, some people say its Evelyn King and not Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. Set the record straight – what is it?” A big, broad smile washes over Evelyn’s face and she says, “It’s Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. It was never taken out… not from me anyway.” Taken from a 1989 interview on a show […]

Fatback Mix Vol. 36

Bear with me for a sec… Let me bring you up to speed:
There’s a gathering in our nation’s capital each month called Fatback and it brings together some wonderful dancers, some funky DJs, and a solid vibe. Each month those funky DJs make a mix in anticipation of this gathering.
Alright, so if you can get […]

Booty Call - Cosby Style

Listen, y’all have done it. But not this way:

The Tender Loin Mix

It’s cold outside. So, I have some advice for you. Call up your boo, light some candles, pop the cork off that bottle of wine that you’ve been saving… and let Sean P and Philippe take you on a love journey with a hand-picked selection of only the finest sensual, seductive grooves.

Fatback Presents: The Tender […]

Top 30 Countdown: #4 Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension

I don’t care if this song was covered in the ending credits of the 40 Year Old Virgin. If you’re hard and you think this jam is corny or lame or whatever, then you just don’t know the good stuff. The best part of this track is the patience one needs to employ at the […]

Top 30 Countdown: #7 Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston

Sometimes you need a little help from Loleatta Holloway. Whitney’s anthem, “Million Dollar Bill“, is based on Holloway’s equally charming “We’re Getting Stronger”. Alicia Keys wrote “Million Dollar Bill” and brought it to Whitney for her come back record, I Look To You. I will never grow tired of this song. This jam is getting […]