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Fatback’s Most Unexpected Dance Floor Burners

Most good dj sets include at least one song that allows the crowd to breath for a second. If you play bangers for a straight hour people get exhausted and the set lacks the peaks and valleys that keep the crowd wanting more.
Every once in a while you choose a nice slow “valley” song […]

Fatback Mix #40

Not sure what you’d call this, but if you like late funk, early disco, with a little R&B thrown it…this is for you:

From Fatback Mix March 2012

Download at:
Track List:
Luther Vandross - Sugar and Spice
Melba Moore - Love’s Comin’ At Ya
Rene and Angela - Bangin’ the Boogie
Bohannon - Let’s Start the Dance
Chaz Jankel - Without You
Switch […]

Top 40 Countdown #7 - Blow Your Whistle - The Soul Searchers

I love Go-Go, but sometimes I wish it sounded a little more like it did when it was just a little bitty baby. This is Chuck Brown leading the Soul Searchers in the best (IMO) early Go-Go song of all time. Back then people just called it FUNK, but all the groundwork was there…congas, horns, […]

Top 40 Countdown #17 - Cowboys and Gangsters - Gichy Dan

In 1979 “Gichy Dan’s Beechwood #9″ was released and barely registered in the popular consciousness. Eventually, in circles that cared, it became a legendary record, representing this bizarrely beautiful combination of slow disco and Nuyorican soul and caribbean breeziness. When beach season rolls around again, remember that Beachwood #9 is the perfect soundtrack to hot […]

Top 40 Countdown #18 - There’s Something Wrong in Paradise (Larry Levan remix) - Kid Creole

It’s hard to find a good spot in a set to play this song because it takes the whole vibe to a very specific place…once you’ve played this version “There’s Something Wrong” you’ve got to follow it up with a song that matches disco/caribbean/80’s pop-art.
But I guess that’s what you get when Larry Levan […]

Top 40 Countdown #31 - Harmony - Suzi Lane

“Harmony” is a hard driving synth-heavy disco JAM of the first order. Suzi Lane’s angelic voice alternately floats above it all then gets down and dirty driving the beat from behind. The song was produced by Giorgio Moroder. The guy is a bona fide badass. In addition to producing for every real-deal musical genius on […]

Top 40 Countdown #32 - Ease On Down the Road - Michael Jackson

After a successful run on Broadway, “The Wiz” was adapted for film in 1978. It starred Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and the soundtrack was fun, but for the most part, not Fatback material. “Ease on Down the Road” is the exception and it’s about as joyous as music gets. Every time I hear those first […]

Top 30 Countdown: #24 Pow Wow - Manny Corchado

You know that scene in the movies where the hero is hanging over a cliff from a frayed rope and individual strands begin to snap until he/she’s hanging by just a single thread? Close-up shots of the rope vibrating with stress and beads of sweat on the hero’s forehead let you know that some real […]

New Orleans Represents

This month we’ve invited a very special guest from the Big Easy to play some music for y’all.
Ethan Clark (DJ Beesknees) is a New Orleans based DJ and writer. He’s been dj-ing clubs, parties, art openings and weirdo guerilla street happenings in New Orleans and around the South since 2005. His interest in djing grew […]


Umbrella Dance at the Hirshhorn!

It might drizzle a little tomorrow, but let’s make some lemonaid! Everyone who’s coming tomorrow should bring an umbrella. We want to get at least 300 people dancing with open umbrellas, straight New Orleans wedding style:

Fatback Mix Volume 10

Here’s a mix of gritty, hard hitting soul and funk from around the world. Play it at house parties or pistol whippings…either way, it works.

Fatback Mix Vol. 10
1. Do the Monkey With James – Perry and the Harmonics
2. Ok Chicago – Resonnance
3. We Don’t Need No Music – The Landslides
4. African King - […]

Get Very Excited

DC’s own Madison LivelyStones are swinging by the Red Lounge for a quick barnstorming tonight. They will blow the skin off your face:

If anyone asks you if you’re going to stay in tonight and cuddle up…you just look ‘em right in the face and say