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Fatback Projections

The beauty of throwing a pig and BBQ themed dance party is that there is no shortage of applicable imagery. Ah but what to do with it all?
When we moved the party to Liv, we were overwhelmed by the size of the space. Our previous venues had been shoeboxes in comparison. It […]

Dear Party People…

After five long years of bacon-infused, high-heart-rate dancing, the Fatback medical team has given us an ultimatum: cut back on the pork and partying or risk dying a deliciously, salty, sweaty, death on the dance floor. Naturally, we chose the latter, but at the insistence of loved ones and Fatbacks expected bid for the […]

Thank You DC!!! <3<3<3

Wow, what a way to cap 4 great years in the capitol city! Thank you to everyone who came out and survived the madness that was FB4. We’ll see you next month - or perhaps sooner for something a little more intimate (wink).
In the meantime, check out some photos from Saturday:

Top 40 Countdown: #5 - Midas Touch - Midnight Star

Is this the best music video ever made? Is it the creepiest? You be the judge. It definitely gives party train a run for it’s money (leather cowboy suit vs. floral drape suit). I mean I’m no scientist, but that much spray paint in an enclosed space should equal asphyxiation….or trigger […]

In Case You Just Tuned In…

We are a mere two days away from the Fatback 4 Year Anniversary/Visionquest. The DJs and Pig mascot are all hibernating, storing electrolytes, and carbo-loading for what promises to be an epic night. As always we encourage ridiculousness and recommend that you dress to sweat. We will be partying on 2 floors […]

Top 40 Countdown: #6 - Believe in Love - Teddy Pendergrass

The first time I heard of Teddy Pendergrass was junior high. I was leaving my girlfriend’s house for the mall, and her mother stopped me at the door. She handed me some money and a slip of paper. “It’s called ‘A Little More Magic’ and it has a black cat in the […]

Top 40 Countdown: #23 Harlem (Eamon Harkin Edit) – Bill Withers

Now you know we couldn’t do a countdown without a Bill Wither’s song. He clocked in at #2 on last year’s top 30 with the classic Lean on Me. This year we bring you Bill Withers with a twist. Eamon Harkin - a New York based party DJ with an Irish accent […]

Top 40 Countdown: #24 Sexy Ida – Ike & Tina Turner

Sexy Ida is a cautionary tale of love and lust gone awry. Listen carefully fatbackers because Tina is trying to impart some wisdom here:
“Hypnotic eyes and a stacked up love sacks
She not only wants your love
She wants your life after that…don’t do it”
We know there is a lot of love in the air…especially come […]

Kind Words From DC’s Rhythm Without Representation Blog

Check out this rave review from local blog Rhythm Without Representation. Thanks for the kind words! We’re glad you had a good time in December and look forward to seeing you at the anniversary party!

two bars three stars: fatback; or, what if the best night of your life happened every month?
In the world […]

Top 40 Countdown: #37 Welcome to the Party - Har-You Percussion Group

Hot Damn! That’s a floor burner for you right there - raw percussion with that melodic piano punching out latin rhythms. Welcome to the Party has been a Fatback DJ fav for a while. Not a regular track, but one pulled out on special occasions for sure. I remember hearing it […]

Top 40 Countdown: #38 Gimme Some - Jimmy Bo Horne

Hailing from Florida with a degree in sociology, Jimmy “Bo” Horne quit his day job to pursue the musical demons that had plagued him since childhood. Working with such talents as Little Beaver, Clarence Reid, and Henry Stone, Jimmy caught early success with his soul records - but it was after he somewhat half-heatedly […]

Fatback Mix Vol. 38 - Bohemian Vibes

At fatback we love to get down and get funky - and there will be plenty of that come this Sat. @ 10pm. But sometimes during the hectic holiday season, we just need to sit down by the fire with a chilled glass of eggnog and put on something jazzy. In honor of […]

Fatback Returns This Saturday!

“What’s the least amount of clothing I can wear in public? Which Kool and the Gang album should I play? Do I even own a grill?”
Whoa whoa whoa, slow down. Yes, summer is upon us, but don’t worry - Fatback has you covered. Join us this Saturday night and start your summer the funky way. […]

Fatback Mix Vol. 32

It’s beginning to heat up out there…but before DC goes sub-tropic, roll down the windows, lean your seat back and cruise to this - a twitterpated mix to start the summer right.
Right click to download: Fatback Mix Vol. 32
1. I’m Always Dancing To The Music - Benny Golson
2. People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul - […]

Fatback PSA - Extra Space

This public service announcement is for all those attending Fatback tomorrow night @ 11th & U St. NW.
Fatback will be in it’s usual home at Liv (upstairs of Bohemian Caverns building) starting at 10pm. IN ADDITION, Fatback DJs will start spinning on the ground floor space - aka the newly re-opened Tap & Parlour […]