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Fatback: The Last Bite

After five long years of bacon-infused, high-heart-rate dancing, the Fatback medical team has given us an ultimatum: cut back on the pork and partying or risk dying a deliciously, salty, sweaty, death on the dance floor. Naturally, we chose the latter, but at the insistence of loved ones and Fatbacks expected bid for the Presidency […]

The Going Out Gurus Preview Hot Pants

The Post’s Going Out Gurus provide essential guidance to the DMV when it comes to what to do with that discretionary time. Your leisure is their pleasure, and they’re on the case when it comes to Hot Pants…

Friday: For the past five years, Fatback has been one of the area’s most exciting monthly dance parties: […]

Fatback presents Hot Pants @ 9:30 Club

On Friday, August 31st, Fatback returns to the 9:30 Club to send summer out in style…

Fatback presents Hot Pants
Friday, August 31 at the 9:30 Club
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Celtic Soul

In light of the weather and celtic holiday season I am reposting this gem from a few years back.  Use it to get your chill on tonight because your gonna need to bring your A game tomorrow:

There’s nothing better than a rainy day for listening to slow soulful music.  Maybe this doesn’t instantly conjure Van […]

Fatback 4th Anniversary Party!

Four years and a hundred sweaty dancefloors in the making, it’s The Fatback 4th Anniversary! Upstairs at Liv, defy the laws of gravity and common decency with THE FATBACK FUNK ODYSSEY. Deep cuts in deep space, y’all. Then, ease on down to the ground floor for the FATBACK FAMILY CIRCUS, featuring a second sound system, […]

Fatback Top 40 Jam Countdown

Yes, our own Fatback Top 40. Last year we stared the tradition of counting down our top 30 jams as we approach our yearly anniversary party in January. It was so much fun that we are bumping the number up to 40 for 2011.
All to say we are getting pumped for our birthday partay at […]

Fatback DOUBLE DOSE Weekend

This weekend, bookend your periods of brief repose with a double dose of porcine debauch!
Friday @ Uncapped Live
Fatback // Tender Loin // Que Sera
2217 14th street NW
Saturday @ Liv
2001 11th St NW
As always, there is no cover, there is no dress code… just a chance to do it right.
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Fatback @ Liv, April 16th

Evenin’, M’am. This your pig?

Fatback @ Liv
Saturday, April 16th
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No cover, no dress code… just a chance to do it right.

Fatback, March 19 @ Liv

March 19 @ Liv
10:00pm to 3:00am
No cover, no dress code… just a chance to do it right.
Plus, Fatback’s going DOUBLE WIDE again - 2 floors of Liv AND the Tap and Parlor space.
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Fatback @ Liv, February 19

Fatbackin’, twice in one week?
I know you can do it, cheeseburger.
Fatback @ Liv
2001 11th St NW
Saturday, February 19th
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No cover, no dress code, just a chance to do it with pickles.

Fatback presents Tender Loin

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s slow it down and smooth it out.
Fatback presents Tender Loin
Valentines Day @ Napoleon
All slow jams. Sensual, seductive, romantic slow jams.
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Old School DC Pigs

“Meese is a Pig“

Tom Noble (PPU) mix on Beats in Space

Check out this mix from Tom Noble on Beats in Space. Tom’s an artist on the excellent DC funk/boogie/disco label Peoples Potential Unlimited and the mix is almost entirely his own edits. If you’ve been to Fatback, you’ve heard some PPU material. In fact, Fatback Mix Vol. XXIX opens with Noble’s “Party Together.” Give it […]

Fatback 3rd Anniversary Pro Tips!

Fatback’s 3rd Anniversary is tomorrow night at Liv (RSVP on that Facebook) and it’s lining up to be a night that future generations will boast of around their camp fires and in their civic halls. “Those brave porkers,” they’ll say, “were made of the sternest stuff.”
So, given the shadow of our forefathers and the judgement […]

Don’t be the blue dude

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