New DJ mixes for your summer

It’s time for some new jamz, don’t you agree?

Starting with some old school dance jams is Mix 53

Continuing along with the Disco Express

Ending up in the Wizard Funk.

New Funkadelic Record “first ya gotta shake the gate”

Hold up stop the press this is news you need. Funkadelic releases their first record in 33 years and it has 33 tracks to boot! Some ill funk on this one, be sure to buy it from the source

KC & Pete @ Vinyl District 10/16 & KC @ Zeba 10/17

This Thursday 10/16 KC & Pete are the guest DJs at The Vinyl District’s all vinyl party - naturally!. If you prefer your funk analogue swing through and ride the grooves with two Fatback alumni teaming up as “Our Thing”.

The Vinyl District

Den Of Thieves (Next to Marvin)
Thursday 10/16, 9:00pm

Friday 10/17 KC joins local favorites and SF DJs for Funk The Police which is shaping up to be quite the party.

Meegs (Meso Creso):
Sequoia (Mischief / Meso Creso):
KC (Fatback / Our Thing):
Juan Zapata (Team Zapata / Brutal Disco):
Tones (SF):

This event has a sliding scale cover, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Proceeds will benefit the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, a national non-profit organization building the grassroots movement to restore constitutional rights. BORDC supports multiethnic, trans-partisan, local coalitions around the country championing long overdue limits on the powers of police and intelligence agencies at the federal, state, and local level.

Zeba Bar (3423 14th St NW - Columbia Heights)
Friday 10/17, 9:00pm
Pay what you can.

Two events for your weekend

Tonight KC from el Fatback is DJing a free party at WeWork for General Assembly. Free + KC + Free… are you missing something?

Saturday, Pete, Steven and KC setup the turntables on the rooftop of Dunya @ 801 Florida Ave for a full day of beats on the roof 3pm-10pm. Come and peep the summer vibes as we do our thing! And be sure to play our mixtape or download it here

Our Thing by Mrkc on Mixcloud

Music For Switching Yards!

Taking the express to success on the information superhighway it’s KC back with a mini mix for April 1.

Track List:
1) Change (Whiskey Barons Edit) - Donald Byrd
2) Every Kinda People (Mikeandtess boot édit) - Robert Palmer
3) I Need It Constantly (The Dirty Green edit issue) - LTJ
4) Bibi Na Mpu - Mim Suleiman
5) Night Time In The Switching Yard (2007 Remastered LP Version) - Warren Zevon
6) Le Jardin Du Luxembourg - Dominique Poulain, Joe Dassin
7) Call My Name - Joe Bataan
8 ) All Night Long (Original Club Mix) - BB and Band
9) Our Girls (A1) [Original Mix] - Baba Stiltz
10) It Ain’t Love (k civ extended edit) - Rahsaan Patterson

Night People DJ mix

Adding more bounce to the ounce KC is back with with a heaping dose of disco & house muzeeek. Enjoy.

Mooty Tshirt

Download / Stream the mix here.

It’s a mix ENJOY!

It’s time for a random mix from Fatbacker KC. Disco + House + Funky Funk, play it loud and get down!


Thanks DC that was a proper party!

From Fatback DC Armory
From Fatback DC Armory
From Fatback DC Armory

Nov. 16th! Fatback DJ’s @ DC Armory for Living Social’s 5K Dance Party

DC Armory

Calling all funky people! Rejoice as the Fatback DJ’s rock the Living Social 5K Dance Party on Saturday November 16th at the DC Armory!

Here’s the deal. At 7 pm, thousands of you -from DC and beyond- will run, walk, stroll, strut or (in our case) boogie for 5 kilometers of jams at RFK Stadium while the Fatback DJ crew heats up the wheels of steel at the finish line inside the DC Armory for an enormous after party… and by enormous we mean a 10,000 person capacity! Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to support the important work of Mercy Corps and d.light in Somalia!

You’ve got four great options to choose from!

*Tickets for the 5K + After Party (7 pm) are $39

*Tickets for the After Party only (8 pm) are $19

*Package of 4 5K Entries + 4 Tickets to AfterParty are $115 (only $28.75 per person!!)

*Tickets for the 5K + After Party (7 pm) + An Extra Solar Lamp Donation are $49

5K Party


Fatback’s Hopeful (& Grateful) Future

(Image Courtesy of Dakota Fine, Brightest Young Things)

The Fatback DJ’s would like to take a moment to thank all of you that came out last Saturday for our amazing 5 Year Anniversary/Grand Finale Party. The love that filled that building was intense and incredibly moving. We’d like to thank as well those who have come out over the past 5 years to contribute your energy, dance moves, vocals, sweat, smiles, talents, squeals, leaps, cookies and hugs to making the Fatback party such an honor and a joy for us.

While putting the monthly party to bed was hard for all of us, we wouldn’t dream of leaving you high and dry. We still love playing music for you and you can find us if you know where to look. There are big ideas and wild plans awaiting us in the future and we’d love to have you along for the ride. Keep track of us on the Fatback Facebook page and we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can find us at the following…

Sean Peoples & Mike Miller (w/ occasional guest DJ’s from Fatback & elsewhere) hold it down on the first Friday of every month at Looking Glass Lounge with Body Jam. This exercise themed party features disco, boogie and funk to spice up your workout routine.

Check out these Body Jam Mixes!

And Body Jam Merch!

Philippe Chetrit is part of the team that throws the high energy Que Sera party at Napoleon.

Rock Jams & Bandannas all through the night.

Take a look at the Que Sera Tumblr.

Steven Swann & Philippe Chetrit are 2 of the 4 DJ’s putting on Clusterfunk, a grab bag of get down jams featuring live performances every third Saturday at Liv.

Look for us. We’ll be around… ☺

Final Fatback Guest DJs

We have a long history of hosting guest DJs at Fatback. But why you ask? Are there not an infinite number of Fatback DJs already? The answer is simple. Guests DJs shake it up and it let us step out of music duties so we can cut a rug on the dance floor and get lost in the music like Sister Sledge.

For the last hurrah we are having three guest DJs take over the Bohemian Caverns level all night long from 12 - 3am. A collection of DJ’s DJs if you will. Expect crazy deep cuts with live percussion and a house party vibe that’s thicker than the batter In the Night Kitchen.


Starting off Rob the Appreciator and DJ Ty Moe. These guys will take you so deep into the thicketed forest of Soul, Disco and Boogie, you’ll be itching, catching the ghost and feeling your utmost. Rob and Ty go way back in the DC music world and are playing a strictly VINYL RECORD set. Not to be missed.

In the coveted late-night slot is DJ Exclaime form the 4 Hours of Funk crew in Baltimore MD. He has all of the elements of DJing on lock from a broad knowledge of obscure musical gems to dope re-edits to perfect blends and beat juggling and most importantly he’s a nice guy. That never happens! Come see why the 4 Hours of Funk Party was voted Best Dance Party by the Baltimore City Paper.

Favorite Fatback Mix: XXXIX

About a year ago, the Fatback Spirits came down from Mount Bacon to grace us with a delicious mix in honor of our 4th Anniversary. While I enjoy each monthly mix for the unique combination of tunes and approaches that each one brings to the table, there was something about this one that caught me in a different way. Something that I couldn’t shake and forced me to keep it on repeat everywhere I went…

What makes it special is that it firmly occupies a space in that exacting middle ground between chill music that often lurks forgettably in the background and the wide open party jam that dominates the space you’re in. It’s a mid-tempo groove train that works anywhere and everywhere, making stops at destinations across the globe and the decades for stations familiar and new, sneaking into your consciousness to get your head and hips moving even before you realize what’s happened. Nowadays, when I need to get my head in the right place to play music for jam-hungry folks or need something cool to go with the city lights as they blur past- this is my go to mix. I know you’ll find a special place for it too.

Let’s revisit Fatback Mix XXXIX… (Click To Download)

1. Midas Touch, Midnight Star
2. Put Your Body In It, Stephanie Mills
3. Falling in Love, Surface
4. Bring Your Sweet Loving Back, Starpoint
5. I Want You (All Tonight), Curtis Hairston
6. Got To Give It Up, Marvin Gaye
7. You Are Number One, Devarne
8. Gimme Some, Jimmy Bo Horne
9. I’m In Love, Evelyn “Champagne” King
10. Never Found No One Like U (DJ WIll-Rock edit), Axwell vs Kenix
11. Agboju Logun, Shina Williams & His African Percussionists
12. Italo Nitro, Afrodisiac Soundsystem
13. The Break, Kat Mandu
14. Go Bang!, Dinosaur L
15. Something Wrong In Paradise (Larry Levan mix), Kid Creole
16. Rambha Ho Ho Ho, Sharon Prabhakar
17. Samba, Son Palenque de Colombia
18. Carnival Long Ago, The Roaring Lion
19. Fall in Love, Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
20. Let’s Stay Together, Al Green

Fatback Projections

The beauty of throwing a pig and BBQ themed dance party is that there is no shortage of applicable imagery. Ah but what to do with it all?

When we moved the party to Liv, we were overwhelmed by the size of the space. Our previous venues had been shoeboxes in comparison. It wasn’t long before we started thinking about projections, and luckily we had a two year backlog of random videos begging to be used.

Needless to say, many hours were wasted on youtube determining which pig, or bacon commercial, or 60s anti-drug video was most danceable, but it in the end - when mixed with the right amount of alcohol and funk - they probably all were.

We ended up with this thirty minute reel that plays on loop behind the DJs every month. Here it is online for the first time in it’s entirety, paired with some tasty tunes from our favorite mixes.

Whether it’s a pre-game party for the final fatback this Saturday, or later down the road when you want to relieve the memories, we hope you never sit still when you watch this video.

Fatback’s Most Unexpected Dance Floor Burners

Most good dj sets include at least one song that allows the crowd to breath for a second. If you play bangers for a straight hour people get exhausted and the set lacks the peaks and valleys that keep the crowd wanting more.

Every once in a while you choose a nice slow “valley” song and it totally surprises you by making the crowd even crazier.

Here’s a list of my favorite “where the F did that come from” songs.

Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb

Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

Luther Vandross – Sugar and Spice

Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing

Tina Turner- What’s Love Got To Do With It

R Kelly - Bump n Grind

Fatback’s Roots: Selam on U Street

KC @ Selam

Before there was Fatback, there was Selam. This little family-run restaurant that mainly catered to DC’s Eritrean diaspora on U Street symbolized half of the humble beginnings of the Fatback crew. For me, this is where I solidified bonds and friendships with Danny, KC, and Pete through our loose partnerships on the decks. It’s where I randomly met Michael Miller and his partner Kelly. It’s where I learned you could make $25 if you got people to come to this establishment and spend a few bucks on drinks.

I remember, before DJing at Selam, meeting KC through a community radio station here in DC. He was starting to book Friday or Saturdays at Selam after randomly walking in and asking if he could throw a party for his birthday. Soon it became a regular thing. I wasn’t that great at DJing, but I had a ton of disco records and wanted a reason for collecting these things - not just for nostalgic purposes.

Anyway, the folks at Selam were willing to take a chance on letting a bunch of professional house partiers make the jump to throwing a party at an actual establishment. It was a break of sorts. And an educational moment. This little restaurant could transform into a club. It could become this space separate from its identity. All it needed was a few speakers (that worked) and some atmosphere.

And, it wasn’t a “club”. A night club… You know? With the dess code and the lines and the pre-programmed music. This little restaurant was a spot where we could build a little community. Something that was a little more representative of the music we wanted to hear and the vibe in which we felt most comfortable.

Selam was where my brain started piecing together the fact I wanted to DJ. But, most importantly, I wanted to DJ with a collective. It’s the first time I realized that I had so much to learn about how to make people dance - how to read a crowd no matter how big or small.

Sometimes people came out on a Friday and partied with our little crew. Sometimes no one came and I was just trying to see if I could make KC or Pete dance. It didn’t really matter because we were playing music as loud as we could with our friends.

Eventually Selam came to an end. KC was going to walk across Nepal. The licenses Selam needed for “entertainment” were in limbo. It felt weird and unnatural to not have Selam be one of my weekend destinations.

But, the weirdness didn’t last for long. Eventually this crew would VOLTRON once again with a few other guys. This time, it was a lot more organized and the lessons from Selam made this next night, Fatback, even stronger from the get-go.
More on that soon……..